Önyükleyiciyi Kapat

Eye No Touch Lazer


With No Touch Laser treatment, myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism are treated without touching the eye.

Which patients can this method be applied to? It can be applied to myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, whose eye structure is suitable. That is, patients with distant and near vision problems may be candidates for this treatment. No Touch Laser treatment can also be applied, especially in cases with a thin cornea and a corneal surface that is steeper than normal.

How is the application done? No Touch Laser treatment is done only with anesthetic drip instillation and the patient does not feel pain during application. There is no device contact with the eye during the treatment, direct treatment is applied to the eye with the rays emitted from the laser device. After treatment, the eyes do not need to be closed, the patient can go home, keeping both eyes open. The application is done to both eyes in the same treatment session. For 36 hours after the patient goes home, complaints of eyes swelling, redness, light disturbance and blurring of the text on TV appear. On the 4th day after the treatment, the patient starts to work on the computer and drive.

What kind of application is done in night vision problems? In the wavefront application, also known as the "eagle eye" among the people, light scattering and aberrations in the eye are measured and laser treatment is adjusted accordingly. When these deviations are corrected with the wavefront technique, treatment appropriate to the person's own eye structure is achieved.


Why No Touch Laser?

Treatment takes place without device contact with the eye.

Two eyes are treated in the same session.

Eyes are not closed after treatment.

It can be applied to patients with thin corneas.

It can be applied to myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.