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It is a good idea to see a Transplant doctor (for consultation) right after the diagnosis. The transplant doctor can work with your doctor to evaluate the best time for a possible transplant.

Your illness and general health are important factors. Many diseases change over time. (For example, leukemia may go from the chronic phase to the young cell crisis or enter the post-treatment remission period.) In some of these disease stages, bone marrow or cord blood transplantation may be a good treatment option. Other treatments may be a better option at other times.

Your doctor will evaluate your individual risk factors. Your first treatment may not be transplanted, but you should research all your treatment options and plan ahead.

Organizing a transplant will take a long time, so it is a good idea for your doctor to start the process even while you are evaluating other treatment options.

The National Bone Marrow Donor Program, along with the American Blood and Bone Marrow Transplant Association, publishes “Recommended Timing for Transplantation Consultation (Consultation)” guidelines. Your doctor can find these guides at marrow.org/md-guidelines.